The founder of New step of Jesus Deliverance Ministry Prophetess Abigail Bonsu has incited all Ghanaians to pray and rescue  the nation from the hands of principalities, and powers of darkness.

She said the Bible even says we don’t fight against fresh and blood, but we are wrestling against principalities, power of darkness,in high places, so the battle is not carnal but spiritual.

She organized a seven days program dubbed purse them, and invited Joyce Blessing the gospel diva to the program, and her ministration was full of fire works.

Prophetess Abigail Bonsu said the economy of Ghana has been captured by demons, that is why nowadays every one is complaining about the hardship in the country.

She stresses that Ghanaians shouldn’t take the hardship in the country lightly,or normal for there is a spiritual Force’s behinds what is going on in the country, she pleaded with all churches to come together and pray seriously to deliver the country from the hands of the devil.

She gave an advice to all ministers of God, to be steadfast in the LORD, and preach salvational messages to their church members, she quoted that what shall it profit a man after gaining the whole world and loose his soul.

she was asked about how COVID 19 has affected the church in terms of attendance and finances she admits that the church is not in it normal state, but in due time the church will be restored back to shape.

She also advise MINISTERS of God, not to go for any magical powers, to pull crowd for fame,if their Ministries is sinking, they should remember that the wages of sin is death.

Regarding an advice for the youths, she advice that the youths shouldn’t pass through any foul means to enrich themselves, but should rather remember

their creator in their youthful age, and seek after the kingdom of God and it righteous, and all other things shall added unto them.

Story file by kwabena Yeboah.

Prophetess Abigail Bonsu

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