The story of how Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004 as a student of Harvard is one the stories that really inspired me to start my own business as second year student of my student.

Facebook has defied the assumption that student businesses are small businesses and cannot be sustained.I’ve learnt a lot by studying the life of the Facebook CEO.

One thing that has made him successful is the right motive he had when he started out.Most people start their business with wrong motives.It’s either….

“I want to start a business so that I can have more time.”or…“I want to be an entrepreneur so I can be my own boss and make more money.”

These are the people who are bound to fail in the journey of entrepreneurship.They got it all wrong.To me, starting a business is like having a real baby.

You have to nurture, invest your time to teach, grow and groom your business.

When I started my business as a student, I did not prepare myself mentally for the unpredictable things.

I dived into being an entrepreneur because I wanted a better life.Not just for myself but for my loved ones as well.I wanted to be able to give my parents a better life.

But today, as I work on building my business, I’ve learnt that it’s all about putting in the hours, doing whatever it takes to get things done.People will not see the late nights, the sacrifices and the hard work.They only see your results.

People will not appreciate, recognize and acknowledge your hard work.But that’s really what it takes.

Do the uncomfortable sacrificial things for your freedom if you want to build a successful business.However think of it this way.

Similar to how a baby grows… a business will grow once you have implemented the right systems, the right architecture and infrastructure, with the right people and the right amount of time in place.That is when eventually the reward and return come.And that is the time when you start removing yourself from the business.You will get the time freedom you want in a matter of time.

This could take 5 years or even take up to 20 years for some people, but we know it never happens overnight.So the important message for you is this…Never start a new business for the wrong reason.You must be certain of your ‘why’ and it must be a good why.

I share more details on why every student must start a business the right way in my book ‘STUDENTPRENEUR-15 Simple businesses every tertiary student can start with little or no capital.

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