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Moesha Bodoung Went To India For Charm/OSEIKROMNEWS.COM

Moesha Boduong has been off social media for the past few days after a video of her narrating her past life experiences and her regret to some young men and women who allegedly rescued her from committing suicide as she wanted to jump from a storey building and end her pain after announcing her repentance to the world.

In a recent post by Ibrah One on his Instagram page, he disclosed that Moesha Boduong is mad forever and can’t be brought back to her normal life again not even the powerful man of God on earth or a traditionalist.

According to him, the born-again actress has lost her senses because she travelled to India for charms therefore her predicament will serve as a warning to slay queens who go to India for charms.

He posted,

Moesha is mad and can never come back to normal again, nobody on earth can bring her back to normal again. This should serve as a warning to some of the slay queens who goes to India for Charms. #Ibrahone”

In other news, popular Nigerian Media personality Osi Suave has dished out a strong word of caution to his fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters concerning the Nigerian police.Osi Suave advised Nigerians to avoid dealing with the police by not doing anything that will land them in trouble resulting in have a police case.

He pointed out that although it looks straightforward on paper but in reality having a case with the police can destroy and alter a person’s life as he stressed that self-preservation is always key.

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