In the case of the stolen stool which occurred some months ago at Boso where the Gyaasehene has caused the arrest of certain persons including Abusuapanin Kwadjo Odame Danso, Clement Osafo, Abusuapanin Agya Mensah for being culprits in the stealing of his stool, information reaching us indicates that on 5th July 2021 at the last sitting at Senchi Magistrate Court, a new page was turned

Gyaasehene Adu Kwaku II indicated to the Magistrate that he was discontinuing the case in the Senchi Magistrate court and was transferring it to the Attorney General’s Office at Koforidua for a continuation trial. His reasons as we have picked up were that he had no trust and does not believe justice due him would be served at Senchi. In the meantime, however, the prime suspect Yaw Acquah upon whom most of the Gyaasehene’s case is built is still at large.

The Magistrate at the Senchi court adjourned the case till the 2nd August 2021 when the procedure to remove the case would be heard. Yesterday at the court at Senchi however, Nana Gyaasehene Adu Kwaku II did not turn up but the prosecutor of the case told the Magistrate at the court about a letter he had received from supposedly the Attorney General’s office at Koforidua. The case was adjourned again till 6th August 2021 when the prosecutor has been requested to produce the letter.

In the meantime, even before the sitting on 2nd August 2021, Gyaasehene Adu Kwaku II has re-reported the same case now to the police headquarters at Koforidua and to everyone’s dismay, another investigation has been restarted under the orders of DCOP Akrofi.

Some persons who the Gyaasehene had earlier mentioned as suspects including Agya Akwaa the Asafoatse and a respected elderly citizen of the community, Seth Akwaa and Yaw Aduamah have all been recalled to appear at Koforidua for another investigation.

We have also very reliable information that reveals DCOP Akrofi of Koforidua to be a family friend of Gyaasehene Adu Kwaku II who both lived at Nsawam during their youth. The accused persons at Boso are reported to be agitated by this revelation and are openly refusing to heed the call by DCOP Akrofi.

They also feel that Justice will not be served them if the case is taken up by a suspected friend of the Gyaasehene. In their comments, they indicated that they would be convinced if a neutral body should be set up preferably by the IGP if the Ghana Police Service intends to play any mediation role in the case. They think that the matter which involves stools and chiefs would be effectively handled by the Regional House of Chiefs and not by the Police Service at Koforidua

There is yet another disturbing development that has come to our notice. After cross-checking and speaking to some elders of the Boso-Gua community, we have picked up information that reveals that the same Gyaasehene Adu Kwaku II has reported the new Omanhene Okotuasuo Nyarko Yeboah III to the Police headquarters at Koforidua. He is reported to accuse him of being an ungazetted chief which he considers a crime that should merit an arrest and a prosecution by the police. The police here again have invited the Omanhene to come to their offices for questioning.

We are pretty sure this is not a situation that the majority of the people of the Boso-Gua community subscribes to at all. In the interest of peace in this beautiful community, it will be prudent to urge all including the Police to act with caution. Some of these approaches may lead to disruptions that may not auger well for the community and the country as a whole.


Nana Adu Kwaku II the Gyaasehene seems to be entangled in one court case and the other at Boso. Our checks indicate that he is the chief architect in the ongoing Odweegyi case which involves Nana Osei Nyarko III versus Sloopy Mike Gyamfi, Nana Agyeman Boahia Kumnipa II the Krontihene and Opare Obissaw Head of the NCBC all of Boso. The case is still pending at the Koforidua high courts and is currently adjourned till the 4th November 2021 for further hearing. In this case, however, Gyaasehene Adu Kwaku II openly supports Nana Osei Nyarko III’s claims of ownership of the Odweegyi festival at Boso. On some occasions, he has placed court injunctions on its celebration.


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