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Things a Woman Will Look at Before Having Falling On You. OSEIKROMNEWS.COM


Nowadays, ladies are particular about certain qualities before they can give such a man a space in their heart. As a man, if you are not imbued with these qualities, you are probably wasting your time every time you walk up to such women.

1. Women also develop feelings for a well-dressed up guy. Not all smart dressers are neat. Some male boxers are horrible. You can’t even stay 5 minutes in another room. If you manage to attract a woman to you as a man and she later finds out that you are a bad guy, she might not be able to face you.

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2. Women easily get carried away by a man’s Stylish dress. As a guy, you don’t have to dress in expensive clothes or put on a Gucci shoe. All you need is a stylish outfit and a good appearance and most of all to be yourself. When you have this sense, the right girl will find her ways in your circle.

3. You have to have a good temper as a guy if you want a good lady to develop a feeling for you. Ladies don’t like ugly and disorganized guys. They want a guy with a good poise and can always handle a situation no matter how complicated it is.

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4. You have to be smart Enough if you really want to attract a girl of your own. Most women easily fall for very intelligent men. Women want to live up to their guys in everything and intelligence is one of the top things on their list.

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