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Also Culture is in varied ways, hence you see dissimilar kinds of culture shown in the world. Some will teach you a lot of things you do not know, make you laugh while others will also leave you wondering.
In Japan and other part of the world, there are some days they Døt as holidays. One of these days is V@gina Day.

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It is celebrated on 23rd April every year and a lot of people from across the world go to enjoy the way of celebration and everything related to it.

People and nations around the world who mark this day on their calendars, celebrate it in different ways.

Talking of Japan, the celebration of this day and the making of rites originates from years back. This was about 1,500 years ago, into Japan’s agricultural past.
When this day is celebrated, spectators from around the world troop into their place, just to observe this festival and have some fun. These comprise foreigners and ex-pats.

On the day, everyone, including children are dressed up in dresses that has the shape of a vagina (vagina cloth). They put on these march dresses on the day of the Hime-no-Miya grand vagina festival and hit their streets with them on.

They play drums and sing, only to let the world know how important it is to them.
Later, 40 strong and grown women carry the weight of a huge V#gina image or sculpture to a shrine. They are followed by two smaller sculptures and hundreds of people to a shrine to make their necessary traditions. Even vendors sell sweets, toys, and sculptures that are shaped like the Vagina.

This day is so important to them that lots of preparations are made for it, ahead of the day.

Ever heard of world vagina day? What do you know about it?

Do you think this day in Japan must be always enjoyed or celebrated? Drop your comments in the section below to share with us.

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