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Activities That Makes her Cheat on You (Avoid)

The fact is always that, women are always unpredictable unlike men who sometimes fail to take part in their cards right.

That means, a woman is likely to escape from a cheating accusation without getting caught unlike guys.

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It is more easy to tell a guy who is cheating as compared to a girl who is cheating. Now, with that aside, you have to know exactly why she is likely to cheat.

And it is because of the following that will make her cheat on you without having to regret anything from it.

Therefore, we advise you to avoid doing any of the following if you don’t want your woman to cheat on you.

1. You are being so nice.

To be nice to your woman is good but to know when to be nice is more better compared to just being nice.

Yeah, you cannot say that you are being nice to a woman who is not interested in also being nice to you.

This thing should be a two-way traffic where you give what you receive. Otherwise being nice to someone who is not interested will only waste your time.

We want you to know that once your woman realizes that you are the nice guy, she will start misbehaving simply because she knows she has the final word.

2. You are too forgiving

Forgive but don’t remember is a phrase used by those people who are so much into religion.

That doesn’t mean that you should always forgive people. There are limits for forgiveness.

Like, somebody can not disobey you more than five times and still you claim to forgive them. They will only take you for a weakling.

That means, once you decide to deal with your lady, make sure you know when to forgive so that you don’t make her think of you as a weakling.

3. You are too understanding.

Again, we have always reminded you that you should understand your woman, but we have come to learn that most of you are over doing it.

Like, there is no way you should be always understanding to your woman. Learn to say no when it suits that other than saying yes all the time.

Remember, it is through this that a woman decides to either respect you or take you for granted.

When she realizes that you are too understanding to her, she starts misbehaving simply because she knows you won’t stop her from doing anything.

Among the things that will make her cheat on you, this stands to be the high rank in our list. Just make sure you understand when to understand who and you will be fine.

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