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One More Deadly Disease Emerged In Ghana; Health Officials Warn The Public | OSEIKROMNEWS.COM

In this pandemic,  another dangerous disease has befallen the Country and the public must be careful and take note of its spread.

The news came after it was discovered elsewhere, a community in one of the Regions of the Country.

Moving forward, according to reports, the health authorities are advising against the consumption of both raw and not well cooked poultry products amid the outbreak of the avian flu.

The Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality in the Eastern Region, is the latest area to report an outbreak the viral infection that spreads from bird to bird and can also be deadly in humans.

Greater Accra, the Volta Region, the Central Region and the Ashanti Region have all reported cases of the highly pathogenic influenza.

To contain the spread, the government has banned movement of poultry from one region of the West African country to another, as well as, the importation of poultry products from neighboring Togo and Nigeria, a move that risks further price pressures in the country.

Symptoms of the disease are said to resemble those of the human variety of influenza – sore throat, muscle aches, headaches and shortness of breath.

According to the health officials, symptoms begin within two to eight days after coming into contact with an infected bird and can seem like common flu – cough, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, headache and respiratory difficulties.

Dr John Ekow Otoo, the Deputy Eastern Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), called for people having acute lower respiratory illness with fever and shortness of breath in the Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality to immediately report to the health facilities.

This was necessary to enable the facilities carry out avian influenza tests on them. He warned that the disease was highly infectious, and for that matter, any contact with persons suspected or confirmed to be infected should be avoided.

Already, birds in the two farms where the influenza were detected had been curbed, and the farms disinfected by the authorities, according to a statement signed by Dr. Otoo.

They were closely monitoring the situation to prevent the spread of the flu to any other parts of the region and beyond.

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