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Is Kwame Sefa Kayi in a tough situation?

Mr. Kwame Sefa Kayi allowed a meeting to Nana Akufo-Addo on October 21, 2021 and it appears as though the President was uncovered unfathomable that the NPP people need to “kill” Mr. Sefa Kayi for that meeting. What the NPP people don’t know is that Kwame Sefa Kayi is an individual from the NPP. He is from the Volta Region and a Board individual from the National Petroleum Authority. He was named by the President. Kwame is a large group of a private radio broadcast. He arranged the inquiries for the meeting and offered the responses to the President.

The meeting was very easy to read thing with the inquiries arranged by a representative to his manager, who ends up coming from a similar ideological group. So for what reason did Nana Akufo-Addo bomb the meeting? For what reason should the NPP follow Kwame?

Kwame did everything he could to help.

LGBTQ+: When the President was gotten some information about his situation on LGBTQ, the President had the best chance to bring to conclusion the discussion about it in Ghana. All things considered, he told the world that the bill is before parliament, and he is additionally sitting tight for the result. The President was exceptionally sly. Plainly, the NPP and Nana Addo support homosexuality.

Law Students: When the President was informed that he cut a turf at UPSA for the development for Law Students, however nothing has occurred there, his answer was “I see.” Which implied the President had been deceived by that disclosure. That was the point at which he said, understudies before these current understudies have had similar issues previously, so they ought to suffer it. We are discussing 499 Law understudies in an in-between state. Obviously this is a President whose Law endorsement is absent.

Correspondences: Kwame brought to the consideration of the President that his interchanges group were doing an extremely helpless work. However experienced as the President may be, he became acquainted with that the issue isn’t with the correspondence group. The issue is that he isn’t conveying for the group to impart. They don’t have anything to discuss yet shielding mediocracy.

Harbor: The President said they need to reexamine about building a Harbor in Cape Coast. So Dr. Bawumiah who made the declaration didn’t think before he talked? Presently, would we be able to accept things that are assembled in NPP’s statement as we plan for decisions 2024? We presently know NPP’s proclamation is brimming with waste.

Komenda Sugar Factory: Nana Akufo-Addo said President Mahama had no arrangement when he assembled that production line. Yet, for quite a long time, he also hasn’t gotten an arrangement to restore it. Under tension, he said the plant will be functional by February 2022. We as a whole can check whether a processing plant can be functional in four months. That Komenda sugar processing plant isn’t near that yet.

E-Block: This is the place where the President offended the Chief of Aflao and all Ghanaians for deciding in favor of and paying our duties to him. Per the President’s rationale, in case you are disappointed over non-execution, bring the law into your hands and complete how the public authority ought to have helped you. Under Nana Addo, our entitlement to request responsibility from the public authority is a distant memory.

If not in view of short memory on some Ghanaians, how might the NPP come and tell you “breaking the 8?” I have said it that for the following three years, in case you are anticipating that something should change in Ghana that will essentially affect your life decidedly, then, at that point, you are a nitwit. Nothing remains in Nana Addo and the meeting has sealed me right.

I have not begun composing yet.

Mahama beba.

Lawrence Appiah-Osei

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