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Aboboyaa’ boycott : ‘You’re exceeding your position’ – Minority to Henry Quartey

The Minority in Parliament says the Greater Accra Regional Minister Henry Quartey is violating his limit with his expectation to boycott carts (aboboyaas) on roadways.

The council’s representative on streets and transport, Mr Kwame Agbodza Governs, told writers at a public interview on Tuesday, 26 October 20201 that Mr Quartey can’t do what he expects to do on the grounds that he has no law backing his activity.

The boycott was first charged to produce results from November this year yet has been moved to February 2022.

The deferral is to account for greater commitment, instruction and sensitisation to guarantee an effective execution of the order.

At a public interview on Monday, 25 October 2021, Mr Quartery said “viable November 1, 2021, no mechanized tricycle should handle the motorway.”

“In any case, in accordance with the expected exercise, all mechanized tricycles should avoid every single significant parkway and head roads and confine their activities to local area riding by February 1, 2021,” he added.

“This three-month beauty period is to guarantee that appropriate instruction and sensitisation is done to guarantee the effective execution of the order,” Mr Quartey added.

The boycott is in accordance with street traffic guidelines forbidding the utilization of tricycles.

Guideline 128 (1-4) of the Road Traffic Regulations 2012 states, entomb alia: “The authorizing authority will not enlist a cruiser to convey a charge paying traveler.”

The provincial priest saw that the majority of the tricycles were utilized for deny assortment exercises yet had no legitimate arranging instruments.

Because of that, he said, the majority of them wound up unloading the deny along head roads, accordingly adding to the generally existing unsanitary circumstance in the district.

That, he said, had achieved the requirement for the execution of an approach that would control their exercises.

Nonetheless, all together not to cause a circumstance that would prompt joblessness, he said, squander the board organizations had been reached to have move destinations in their individual gatherings to empower the tricycles to keep on working.

In accordance with that, he said, the GARCC was liaising with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to set up zonal enlistment habitats in the congregations to enroll all tricycles in the locale.

“All clients of aboboyaa will be enrolled in their particular congregations. They will be given riders’ licenses, while their tricycles will be protected. The congregations will likewise give them business working grants”.

“We are permitting an effortlessness time of just about 90 days for this load of cycles to be finished, while we leave on an enormous sensitisation program so we can guarantee severe consistence when the mandate is carried out,” Mr Quartey said.

Notwithstanding, Mr Governs demands Mr Quartey isn’t handling the underlying foundations of the issue.

“Without a doubt, in my assessment, the most serious issue on our street today is simply the idea of the street, not the street clients alone. The most serious issue on Ghana’s streets today is the idea of the street – terrible, greater potholes, insufficient streets, a portion of the street limits have been surpassed; like the motorway and different things. Along these lines, assuming we need to really have an all encompassing answer for his, we ought to do a mix of things: the streets should be in their condition before you can implement the laws on them. In the event that you have a street without appropriate signage or street furniture, how are you going to fault someone if the individual doesn’t have a clue what as far as possible on the specific street is?”

“With the particular issue about my partner recommending that at a point on schedule one year from now, they won’t permit ‘aboboyaa’ – tricycles that convey, particularly reject from families and different things and endeavor to take them to Tema, where the reusing plant is. My siblings and sisters, you know the reasons the aboboyaa are doing that is on the grounds that that is the place where the treatment plant is. We don’t have a treatment plant inside Accra itself, thus, on the off chance that you see them on the interstate going to Tema, it’s basically on the grounds that there could be no alternate way they can dump it, in this way, if the pastor says some place one year from now, they will stop them, let him know: he’s violating the authority under his supervision”, he added.

As indicated by the resistance MP, “there’s no law in this country that gives capacity to a local pastor to figure out which vehicles drive on which streets. That is inside the domain of the National Road Safety Authority and the Ministry of Roads and Transport. The main way you ought to accept what the territorial pastor is saying is in the event that he can statement a law that backs it. Locale Assemblies and provincial organizing boards can’t make a law and say vehicles can’t drive on a specific street”.

Without a doubt, he noted: “I would have expected that we could even have a cycle path along the motorway so [that] someone who lives in Tema, who preferences trekking can ride a motorbike or bike from Tema to Accra. We don’t have that one at this point. That is the thing that we should be checking out right now”.

“In this way, for the local priest to say that they will boycott the utilization of tricycles, I tell him: while you have an explanation, you are actually similar to treating jungle fever with paracetamol. The genuine reason is that the individual has got intestinal sickness in his body and painkillers don’t fix jungle fever. You wanted to treat the jungle fever itself and the aggravation will go”, he noticed.

“At present, there’s no law that gives the local pastor the option to say that we will forbid aboboyaa from utilizing the motorway”, Mr Governs said.

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