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‘It resembles Christianity has turned into an aggravation’ – Rev. Prof Asamoah-Gyadu

Leader of the Trinity Theological Seminary at Legon has expressed that Christianity has turned into an aggravation because of the direct of certain ministers and their individuals.

Talking on JoyNews’ Newsfile on October 30, 2021, Rev. Prof Johnson Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu lamented the way that a few ministers, particularly the people who distinguish themselves as prophets, participate in different demonstrations which are not in accordance with the teaching of Christianity.

“You see them now and again “kicking individuals, others stripping individuals bare, stepping on the midsections of pregnant ladies. So it’s practically similar to religion or Christianity, which is a that thing’s to fabricate, has turned into a disturbance,” he noted.

“In the event that you read the religious philosophy of prescience, from what Paul says, is to support, fortify, it shouldn’t be a cause of disturbance to people in general,” he added

The minister who expressed that he has lost confidence in many prophets, underscored that a ton of them have transformed the prophetic service into a monetary endeavor.


“The greater part of individuals who see themselves as prophets, I don’t believe them to be prophets. You should simply to investigate what they do in the light of Biblical educating and you’ll understand that a great deal of them are simply doing it either for business purposes or financial reasons, obviously that isn’t to reject that the prophetic is veritable,” he said.

He further censured a predominant mentality of certain Christians who leave their different exchanges to go to faith gathering, particularly on working days, demanding that this disposition, if not checked can monetarily affect the country.

“I have a companion who set up an investment funds and advances business and this individual deliberately sited this business in the market so he can advance cash to the market ladies. The business fell on the grounds that these market ladies took the credits, shut up their shops to go to chapel on work days,” he related.

He recognized that the state can’t deny individuals from unreservedly practicing their strict freedoms, in any case, it can establish instruments to actually take a look at the direct of such ministers.

“The state can’t prevent individuals from going to chapel on a work day yet the foundation for which these individuals work can watch out for them and guarantee that they are satisfying their obligations for which they are paid.

“So however much we wanted to get down on these prophetic figures, for causing trepidation, frenzy, and bedlam in the public eye, we additionally need to practice our metro obligation in calling individuals to arrange.”

He likewise charged the IGP and his group not to yield in releasing their obligations persistently comparable to the topic.

“They ought not be cowed by the dangers regardless,” he added.

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