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Efya prays to God after Nigel Gaisie’s death prophecy / See Post

Jane Awindor, known in the music fraternity as Efya, has in a series of posts channeled prayer to God after a death prophecy from Nigel Gaisie made waves.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is gradually cementing his name as a prophet of doom after he gave a death prophecy about another celebrity in the person of Efya.

The prophet, while on his privately-owned TV station, mentioned that he had gotten a revelation about the songstress and she needed to see a spiritual person or face death.

The urgency in his voice suggested that if Efya did not see him or any other man of God for deliverance she is going to die.

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“When I see things in the spirit, I don’t add or subtract. I say it as I’ve seen it and what I saw is musician Efya will die. I was there this dawn, last dawn and the Lord appeared to me and I saw it like you’re watching on TV. Don’t joke with me. Don’t joke with my prophecy. You can have your bias about me but when I see the thing and I say ‘thus sayeth the Lord, I mean don’t joke. So she should go see a spiritual person”, he said.

Nigel is particularly known for his death prophecy about the late Ebony which manifested and he said that Efya would die in a similar fashion if she does not work on the revelation.

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However, the songstress, uncharacteristically, in a series of posts on social media has prayed for God’s protection.

Efya post 1
Efya Tweet 2
Efya tweet 3

Interestingly, Efya is seen praying both the Muslim and the Christian ways as she mentions Allah and Jesus at the same time.

Born to a muslim father and a christian mother, the songstress known to be a wild cat may have divergent views about sticking to one religion as she prayed both ways.

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