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Corruption is the currency of our democracy – Senyo Hosi

Financial arrangement examiner, Senyo Hosi, says defilement has turned into the cash of Ghana’s a majority rules system.

He communicated negativity about defilement, a blister he depicted as stressing, finishing at any point in the near future.

“It keeps the wheels of a majority rules government moving. It will not go anyplace. Cash!,” he focused.

The CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors was conveying the feature address at the Constitution Day address coordinated by the ‘One Ghana Movement’ in Accra on Friday.

He contends that administrators of the 1992 Constitution have dove the country into a winding of “misgovernance” in a way that undermines the actual presence of the country’s preeminent law, the 1992 Constitution.

Mr Hosi said the current world of politics can be compared to past conditions that brought about upsets that prompted past constitutions being saved.

Lawful experts and a few public arrangement campaigners have lately put forth a solid defense for an audit of the 1992 Constitution.

He let the social event know that execution of the Constitution has neglected to meet the goals of Ghanaians as caught in the preface of a definitive tradition that must be adhered to.

The introduction peruses;

We, the People of Ghana,
IN EXERCISE of our regular and unavoidable right to set up a system of Government which will get for us and any kind of family down the line the favors of freedom, equity of chance and success;

IN A SPIRIT of companionship and harmony with all people groups of the world;

Also IN SOLEMN presentation and attestation of our obligation to;

Opportunity, Justice, Probity and Accountability,
The Principle that all powers of Government.”

Mr Hosi said freedom is undermined by bad form; the politically associated have chances to succeed while residents are ruined that states need to burden them for basically moving their cash around subsequent to covering their assessments.

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