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Spiritual direction Angel Obinim gave Rev. Obofour when he went begging him for help years ago revealed

Reverend Obofour’s bold statement that Obinim is his small boy and he has never helped him has been shot down and dragged in the mud by a colleague prophet who used to be the very best friend of Rev. Obofour.

According to Reverend Benjamin Opoku Agyemang aka Arch Prophet, the founder, and leader of Marvelous Light world wide Chapel, Obofour when he was struggling to start a church sought help from Obinim.

Arch Prophet aka Igwe revealed that when Obofour was his best friend and has started a church at Mampongteng Mim, he personally took Obofour to Obinim for help after Obofour who was called Obimpe at the time begged him to take him to Obinim.

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Igwe claims Bishop Obinim was very welcoming and accepted to help Rev. Obofour (Obimpe) raise a church. Obinim demanded two specific things from Obofour to help him build a church.

Bishop Obinim demanded water from 7 different streams. The second thing was that Obofour should provide him with 4 legs of an eagle. Arch Prophet aka Igwe was there with Obofour when the items were requested and delivered to Obinim.

Obinim successfully performed whatever he needed to do spiritually and delivered it to Obofour with instructions to help him build a bigger church.

Even after that, Obofour visited Obinim every Saturday for teaching. He visited Obinim every Saturday for months into years.

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Reverend Benjamin Opoku Agyemang warned Obofour to stop disrespecting Obinim because he comes nowhere near him. He also advised Obofour to show respect to Obinim and appreciate the fact that he helped him become who he is now.

Reverend Benjamin Opoku Agyemang who was more than a brother Obofour revealed he knows how Obofour made his wealth and he could have followed him when he was going for it. But he warned to deal with Obofour if he comes out to disrespect him or insult

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