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Fake pregnancy case: Suspect was a healthy non-pregnant woman – Doctor tells court

The Medical Superintendent at the Axim Government Hospital has uncovered that the suspect at the focal point of the phony pregnancy case, Josephine Panyin Simons Mensah, was a solid non-pregnant pre-menopausal lady when she was conceded.

Dr. Jerry James Abobrah, who is currently filling in as arraignment observer in the supposed phony pregnancy and abduct case, offered this remark when he showed up under the steady gaze of the Takoradi Circuit Court An on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

Dr. Abobra said he made this evaluation after physical, full blood count and ultrasound assessments on the denounced while on confirmation at the office.

As indicated by Dr. Abobrah , he looked for authorization from the charged to inspect her actually, her midsection and her vagina through to her vulva.

After the assessments, it worked out that she was not pregnant. He proceeded with pee, lab and ultrasound tests which likewise demonstrated same.

“Everything was ordinary and the pregnancy test was negative, we analyzed the physical and lab tests and it was 0.01,” he said.

The examiner, Chief Supt. Emmanuel Basintele asked the specialist the denounced’s condition when she was brought to the emergency clinic.

Accordingly, Dr. Jerry James Abobrah, who was the primary specialist to inspect Josephine when she was found after her supposed abducting, let the court know that he got a call from a clinical official that, a gathering of Police officials had brought a case.

“I saw a few Police officials and regular citizens, in the wake of enquiring, I pardoned them and I quieted the patient down and guaranteed her all is great.”

In his proof in-boss, he said the denounced referenced her name, age, and home. He said the denounced described how she was pregnant for right around 11 months and was told by a specialist to practice each day to remain solid.

Dr. Abobrah further let the court know that he enquired with regards to her antenatal record book, to which she said, “it was it was in her home at Takoradi.”

She later said the book was lost since when she was taking the walk, she took it along in the event the work sets in.

The specialist added that Josephine then, at that point, educated him regarding her normal walk which starts at 5:00am every day through a few head roads of Takoradi, and how she was purportedly captured.

“She let me know she recovered cognizance and acknowledged she was in a thick timberland, yet can’t recall the backwoods by any milestone”

She let him know she was attached with a rope, saw around 21 pregnant ladies likewise killed in the timberland. Therefore, someone directed her to push.
As indicated by Dr. Abobrah, when asked what she pushed out, she said it was a live female child and she cried once.

He then, at that point, got some information about the placenta and she answered that she tore it with her hands.

“I asked her where is the child and she said she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where the child has been taken to,” he clarified on Thursday.

From there on, lead counsel, Philip Fifi Buckman questioned the observer; “did you hear that following the 21st of September, 2021 there was a commotion about whether or not she was pregnant? Check out show A, take a gander at your report at the back. It took you three sunny mornings after the commotion to compose the report.”

The specialist addressed ‘yes’.

Dr. Abobrah along with Michael Prah, the woodworker who observed Josephine at the Jehovah Witness church at Axim and Ebenezer Nyame Ayeh, a designer who saw Josephine at the Carpenter’s shop, all affirmed under the watchful eye of the circuit court.

This brings the quantity of people who have affirmed such a long ways to five.

The case has been suspended to January 20, 2022.

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