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In this recent  worrying life going , where scientific knowledge and advancement have incredibly progressed well over the years, man may believe there might be a big difficulty in the near future between human beings and the robots.




This is how Trevor Mc Fedries and Sara Decou have come up with a production of a smart female robot, who is recognized as Lil Miquela.

According to the two scientists, this robots were made to replace women because they made it in such a way that it can perform almost every function women perform including dating men, eating, drinking, doing house chores and even owning social networking pages.

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The excellent robot claimed to be 19 years of age, oh her instagram page she introduced herself as an advertiser and a craftman. When you see this beautiful robot the first thing that comes to mind is that she’s just a mere robot but in reality Miquela is more than just a robot because she posses most human traits and can do things that women does.

Infact, she eats, drink, talk and spend time with the men that booked her. This stack of features caused different people to be stunned by the fresh faced robot. On a few situations, Miquela had disclosed that she’s a robot and not human.

The only difference between Miquela and a real human being is that they need to accurately power their batteries so as to enable it work perfectly.