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I got ¢40k from Chief of Staff before Bawumia’s ¢50k – Psalm Adjetefio reveals

eteran entertainer, Psalm Adjetefio’s monetary circumstance has earned public consideration in the beyond couple of days.

Subtleties accessible show that he got an extra total from the Office of the Chief of Staff before the gifts, making adjusts in the press.

The entertainer, known during the 2000s TV hit ‘Cabbie’, has effectively conceded being monetarily bothered.

Many individuals are stunned by the turn of events, taking into account that numerous gifts poured in for him in September last year, when he transparently argued for help to pay his lease.
This included ¢50,000 from Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia and a month to month ¢1,500 payment from Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey.

Strangely, T. T. demands that his fortunes have not changed that much as he was heard in a spilled sound asking for extra food recently.

“MzGee, great evening; I’m contemplating whether you would have a few extras in your kitchen to save,” he said.

The issue has been welcomed with blended responses, with many scrutinizing his monetary decisions.

In a meeting on Accra-based Okay FM, T. T. said he got a call from the Office of the Chief of Staff in September 2021, affirming assuming his telephone was enrolled to his Mobile Money account.

Mr Adjetefio said he reacted in the agreed and the following thing he knew, his record had been credited with the cash.

“They sent ¢40,000 straightforwardly into my MoMo account… They were the main individuals,” he said on Wednesday, January 12.

This welcomes to ¢90,000 the gifts on record to have been gotten by Psalm Adjetefio.

On the way that he exhausted the Chief of Staff’s cash, the veteran entertainer talked in stories;

“Assuming you’ve been out and about I’ve voyaged, you will understand that it has a great deal of potholes. You need to purchase rock to fill the openings to arrive at a uniform level before you proceed,” he clarified.

“You’re a solitary parent with three children. Assuming that you have kids who have arrived at adulthood and you need to assist them with being steady… and you get such cash, there are as of now monetary tensions to be balanced.”

My partners have dumped me – T.T.

In the prior spilled sound, he clarified that any remaining potential benefactors eased off after hearing the declaration of the Vice President’s signal.

“At this moment, the circumstance has made a ton of issues for me; you realize a many individuals used to help me a great deal… I even comprehended that certain individuals have contributed some cash in the U.S to be shipped off me, the second they heard it, everyone went for their cash,” he said.

He further uncovered that in the wake of getting the main tranche of the Greater Accra Minister’s gift, the rest is yet to hit his record.

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