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MFWA condemns attack on Radio Ada, demands prosecution of perpetrators

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has censured the assault on Radio Ada (93.3 FM), a local area radio broadcast in the Greater Accra district.

The Foundation has requested a quick examination and indictment of culprits.

A gathering of hooligans numbering around 12 on January 13, 2022, raged the premises of the local area radio broadcast, attacked two of its columnists and vandalized hardware.

A columnist at Radio Ada who is likewise the External Communications Officer of the media house, Julius Odoi, let the MFWA know that the gangsters attacked the station at around 11:45 am after a drinking gorge at a close by drinking bar.

They requested to see the Manager and when told by the safety officers that he was not accessible, the gatecrashers persuasively entered the structure. They broke the studio entryway and caused anarchy.

As indicated by Odoi, the hooligans requested Gabriel Korley Adjaotor, who was introducing a music program, to stop his show.

“Before the moderator could respond, they detached links, crushed PCs and assaulted the control center and receivers, disturbing the transmission simultaneously,” Odoi told the MFWA in a phone discussion.

Subsequent to disturbing the studio, the hooligans attacked the moderator in the midst of alerts to the station to stop its Manor Munyu program, a customary element that examines the condition of the salt mining industry, the pillar of the Ada economy.

The trespassers who had come conveying jugs of liquor, additionally constrained another columnist, Gideon Amanor Dzeagu, to stoop for a long time while they continued to transform the entire premises into a wreck by breaking their jugs and littering the spot with liquor and shards.

The Ada Songhor program is exceptionally condemning of the activities of Electrochem, the firm concurred the freedoms to mine salt in the Songhor Lagoon. Electrochem has in the past needed to keep in touch with the Management of the radio broadcast to gripe about supposed distortions about its activities and request a conciliatory sentiment. There is, in any case, no sign that the assailants are connected to the salt mining firm.

In the interim, the moderator, Gabriel Korley Adjaotor, is supposed to react treatment, having been raced to the District Hospital for consideration.

The Ada District Police Commander, DSP Andreas Mifetu, affirmed to the MFWA in a phone visit that his outfit gave a clinical structure to the moderator after the station announced the attack.

The Police boss likewise affirmed that a group of officials have been dispatched to the premises of Radio Ada to confirm the episode, as a feature of examinations.

The administration of the radio broadcast, in an assertion, has declared that the station will close down for a couple of days to empower it to audit and fix the degree of the harm caused.

Radio Ada has gained notoriety for basic reports which view the strong to be responsible. On August 2, 2018, the police raged the station looking for one of its radio moderators, Joseph Korletey Korley, prominently known as DJ Koxterio. The columnist had incensed the heads of the customary region by requesting that they represent the assets raised at the yearly social celebration, Asafotufiami.

The MFWA enthusiastically censures this disgraceful assault on Radio Ada and its staff by the fearful gangsters. It is a horrible assault that tries to quiet the media house and impart dread in columnists.

We are certain that the station and its staff will keep on standing firm in support of the general population and request that the specialists go to lengths to give them the required insurance. We ask the police to lead intensive examinations concerning the occurrence and carry the culprits to book.

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