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NPP group decries selective justice in application of code of conduct

A gathering calling itself, Ashanti Patriotic Movement, is blaming the administration for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of particular equity in the utilization of a set of rules gave by the National Executive Council for Presidential and parliamentary primaries.

Individuals from the Movement have attested that the code is by all accounts utilized in deceiving adherents of one of the party’s Presidential hopefuls, Alan Kyeremanten.

The head of the gathering, Emmanuel Osei said three individuals from the party who have been suspended for supposedly lobbying for Mr. Kyeremanten were not taken through the specified methodology of the party.
“The three individuals specifically; Abdul Rahman Dauda, Kaleem and Mustapha who have been rebuffed via suspension for purportedly supporting Honorable Alan Kyeramanten were never taken through the above specified methods as given by the party on July 27, 2021,” he said.

As indicated by him, other party individuals host penetrated the gathering’s set of rules without risk of punishment yet the pioneers watch on without endorsing them.

“To the amazement of the party grassroots, lovely people, Alhaji Mohammed Batima Samba, Hon. Habib Iddrissu, Hon Farouk Mohammed, Hon Hamin Antiah and Lawyer Nana Obiri Boahen and Kwabena Senkyire have all penetrated the party’s implicit set of rules without any potential repercussions however the party’s top progressive system has kept quiet shockingly,” he said.

“Plentiful proof accessible gives an unmistakable decision that the party’s use of the set of rules gave by the National Executives have demonstrated without question, to be particular and harmful,” he added.

As per the gathering, assuming that these issues raised, go unchecked, it will achieve disunity in the party.

“The very issues raised by the grass roots that the party Executives claimed not to have heard in 2020 prompting the current memorable Parliament, is exactly the same thing some gathering of frantic power-chasing people have begun that would incite outrage and when that occurs, it won’t foreshadow well for the party. Honestly,” he expressed.

He noticed that the gathering would dismiss any flagbearer forced on the party through undemocratic means managed by the Electoral Commission.

They tested the General Secretary, of the party, John Boadu to apply the code similarly or hazard the solidarity existing inside the party. This, Mr. Osei said is on the grounds that the majority of the breaks happened right under the General Secretary’s watch.

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