Up and coming Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif has narrates an encounter he had with one of his lecturers on the school campus a few days ago to remove his earing..


Ghananaian talented rapper Black Sherif is all over making waves with his tracks First and Second Sermon. Many Ghanaians including industry players have shown their support to the artist after his debut track First sermon. His tracks especially the second sermon are currently topping most of the music charts.

Recounting an encounter with one of the lecturers at the University Of Professional Studies (UPSA). According to Black Sherif, his lecturer asked him to remove his earrings when they ram into each other on campus.

Black Sheffi stated that he normally wears earrings to campus but unfortunately, it wasn’t his lucky day after he met one of his lecturers.He disclosed that the lecturer questioned him why he is wearing earrings as a man when one of his friends told the lecturer he is a superstar and a musician. The friend of Black Sherif tried to explain to him he’s the newest artist in the country. He also told the lecturer that Sarkodie is Black Sherif’s friend.

The lecturer who was not convinced said, “Sarkodie doesn’t wear earrings. You’re a nice guy you shouldn’t have to wear these things” he added.