Watch Aboboyaa with no driver moving at a funeral grounds which causes distraction online/oseikrom


Many Ghanaian tribes boost of having powers but the truth is, Voltarians have been deemed as the most mightily tribe in Ghana when it comes to Black magic.

No one muss with a typical Voltarian because they can deal with you drastically if you try to hurt them. Many and other cryptical things have been happening in the region.In a video circulating online, at the funeral ground of an “Aboboyaa” rider, the tricycle was seen moving reversely while no one controlling it

This has caused monolithic reactions as Ghanaians heap praises on the Volta gods for always doing the most for the motherland.

Some are also saying someone is probably sitting somewhere controlling it with a remote or something. But well whether it was controlled by some spirit or technology, the “Aboboyaa” moved by itself, and that is all that matters.

Watch the video below